The basic aim of the Temple today is first and foremost to assemble those men and women who, imbued with a sense of devotion and service to humanity over and above their individual interests, are prepared to assist our world successfully to pass through the present critical phase of its evolution in order that the conscious awareness of the Unity of All That Is can be realized. The forces of hatred and division have grown strong, empowered by new technologies that allow untruths, disinformation, and spiritually harmful propaganda to spread like the wildfires now raging in so many parts of the world.  In ages past, the Temple has arisen at such times to protect the Eternal Truth.

The Order of Unifying Truth is a group of people that support the Temple, and will therefore undertake, support and encourage actions directed at:   

  • Encouraging efforts to promote the spiritual unity of all conscious beings
  • Fostering the interconnectedness of all humans regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion or creed
  • Reattuning the collective consciousness through purposeful prayer and directed meditation
  • Advocating for the recognition of the importance of the Divine Feminine and the protection of Mother Earth
  • Creating, or discovering, and sharing teachings which will help to integrate the spiritual with everyday life
  • Unifying science and spirituality in a true metaphysics that can free humankind from the chains of materialism

The Order aspires to be the very embodiment of the aims listed above, and to give concrete expression to the ideals it strives to uphold.

The aspirations of the Order are spiritual above all else, and it will not therefore involve itself in political activities. This does not mean that the Order will stand aside from the problems and harsh realities of our contemporary world, but its influence on society will not be through support of any political platform. Rather it will be through the inner and outer attitudes of its members that the Order of Unifying Truth can most effectively intervene in the world. It will be how a member lives and behaves that will decide the influence he or she will have on those around them. 

The Order will strive to be a center of radiant Light inspiring men and women to join in the redemption of the planet by the example given by its members in their daily lives. The Order will make its members constantly aware of the mystical link which unifies all things on all levels – body, mind and spirit; visible, and invisible.

Although the Order of Unifying Truth shares some of its roots with some older traditions such as The Knights Templar, the Masons, etc. it is an entirely new organization fitted to the current age – one of unparalleled change and existential crises, the likes of which humans have never before faced.

Welcome to a new order, for a truly New Age – The Order of Unifying Truth.