The Eternal Temple is an egregore that has taken physical forms at various stages of humankind’s development to ensure that the Truth as revealed by all the great Teachers about our origin, purpose, and true destiny is preserved for all future generations of seekers.  

The Grand Attunement

“…for then shall be great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be. ” ~ Matthew 24:21

But that’s only half the story – something else, something wonderful is happening as well.

That “something” has been referred to by many different terms by people across innumerable times and places. Almost all great spiritual traditions speak of a time when the world will be so out of balance that the only hope for the salvation of humankind, and Mother Earth Herself, will be some kind of Divine intervention – most often in the form of the return of some great spiritual being who will assist those humans who seek it.

That time is now, but the “being” is not a physical one as so many were taught to expect. It is an energy, a Consciousness, an entity beyond our complete comprehension at this time, but one we can attune ourselves to – hence, the Grand Attunement. More will be written about this in the days to come…

Join those of like mind and spirit

Many are feeling the call to do more, to be more, to assist in this time of great challenge.